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Submitted on
February 7, 2012


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Point pixel commishes- currently closed

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 7, 2012, 1:39 AM

I recently finished all the slots but  I don't really need points atm, as I already have premium membership for some time, so, instead, I will take a little brake just to do gifts and personal  art before I get back to the commissions; and, sincerely, recently I have quite of an art block, and don't want to start new comished before I get over it, but in any case I really want to thank every sweet kind one of you for being so patient with me ;_;


Terms and requirements

:bulletgreen: It can be used on deviantART and may not be uploaded in your gallery. Which means only the commissioner can use the icon that has been made specifically for him/her.
:bulletgreen: Also, we can arrange if you want to use it another sites. I will probably say *yes* but for each site you want to use it on,  but you have to ask before.
:bulletgreen: If it's the gift, only the person to whom you're giving it can use it ( and in a note, you have to tell me to whom I am making a gift, so I can know the taste of that person better and make icon cuter :meow:)
:bulletgreen: I will not start working until I receive points. So, please, if you want both me and you to be satisfied as soon as possible, don't forget to do it ^^
:bulletgreen: Do not redistribute, edit or claim as your own. Please don't make any base out of them because the design belongs to me.
:bulletgreen: I accept both OCs and Cannon characters. Means I can make icon with your own characters, but as well with characters of some anime or cartoon.
:bulletgreen: If you want cannon character in certain icon style, check is it already done before. Since, if it is made already in the same icon style that you would like to have, I won't accept doing it again.
:bulletgreen: If for some reason I am unable to do your commission, I will inform you and return you points.
:bulletgreen: I have to have full body design, for colors, skin tone, shoes, hairstyle etc.
OR If you don't have full-body reference, you can give me description and references of some characters that remind on your character by some features. That way, I can make design for you.  In this case, don't complain with the outcome.
:bulletgreen: Have in mind school just started, so it may took some time :forgiveme:


When you understand the terms and requirements, please send me a note with following information:

Subject: TYPE *number* : *name*

Name of the character/s:
Info about the character/s:
References link:
Eye Color:
Hair color:
Skin color:
Additional physical features you want to note me (ex: scars, piercing, tail, etc.):  

TYPE 8: Various :new: :new: :new:

A. Carved in Stone

Animation 1: Liron and Svarik - carved in stone by SmilingOfTheHealer Animation 2: Liron and Svarik - alternate animation by SmilingOfTheHealer
250 :points: for  both  icons  in  couple. 
  • It's designed so it doesn't have any text, but if you want, I can replace little hearts with first initials of character's names - or if you have any other idea for customization, like with any other icon type, you are more than free to note me so we can discuss it :love: 

B. Cuppy toast

Svarik and Liron - cuppy toast by SmilingOfTheHealer

200 :points: for both. 
  • By your liking, cups can be customized as well, with different colors and different symbols on them. If changes are small, I will not require extra payment, but in something drastic and very detailed, I will charge 50 :points: more
  • If you would like, you don't have to order this as icon couple - you can order only one floating cup, in straight floating, as separate icon, and the prize for it would be half the prize of original, or 100 :points: 

C. Piece of me

Without border - Svarik and Liron - piece of me by SmilingOfTheHealer With border - Piece of me - WIP by SmilingOfTheHealer

300 :points: for both.

  • Just like previous type, this one is customizable as well - I can make more simple chibi kind of eyes ( like in type 6 and 4 ) or, if you don't like to settle for night/day, I can make puzzle aspect different - with opposite seasons, with different places, like mountain/seashore, with city vs nature, or even just simple color changes or settling for one colored puzzle background, if you prefer simplicity. If it's simple, I won't charge, but if it's a complete changing, I will charge +50 :points:
  • If you have some other customizing idea for those you would like, feel free to note me, we can discuss it. 
  • If you desire it so I will change names color of characters without any extra fee. 

D. Heavenly close

Liron and Svarik- heavenly close by SmilingOfTheHealer

200 :points: for both. 
  • LIMITED OFFER: Order 2 couples of this icon type ( meaning 4 icons of 50x50) , and you'll get one couple for free! :love: 
  • As well you can order only one from this icon type, to make it single icon, not couple. Prize for it is half the prize of original or 100 :points: 

TYPE 8: Facey :new:

Svarik, Liron, Dark Flame, Astodel, Luciana- facey by SmilingOfTheHealer

100 per icon :points:

TYPE 7: Everlasting student

Finwe - everlasting student by SmilingOfTheHealerRosalina  - everlasting student by SmilingOfTheHealerRobin   - everlasting student by SmilingOfTheHealerYoshi - everlasting student by SmilingOfTheHealerRina - everlasting student by SmilingOfTheHealerBootie - everlasting student by SmilingOfTheHealerSakukoro   - everlasting student by SmilingOfTheHealerJirachi  - everlasting student by SmilingOfTheHealer

200 :points:

TYPE 6: Bricked love icon family

Liron and Svarik - bricked love by SmilingOfTheHealerEita and Chiyoko - bricked love by SmilingOfTheHealerEisen and Tsumetai - bricked love by SmilingOfTheHealerNami and Ichiko - bricked love by SmilingOfTheHealer

150 :points:for both non-animated or
200 :points: for both animated

Can be used as :iconlironblplz::iconsvarikblplz: or, in other order: :iconsvarikblplz: :iconlironblplz:

They can as well be used as dividers with extra icon in middle:

TYPE 5: Puppy eyed icon family

Legolas - puppy eyed by SmilingOfTheHealerFinwe - puppy eyed by SmilingOfTheHealerFinrod - puppy eyed by SmilingOfTheHealerSakura - puppy eyes by SmilingOfTheHealerRen - puppy eyed by SmilingOfTheHealerKaede - puppy eyes by SmilingOfTheHealerHiiragi - Puppy eyed by SmilingOfTheHealerCarnistir Moryafinwe Puppy Eyed by SmilingOfTheHealer Merry Brandybuck- puppy eyed by SmilingOfTheHealerCure Spirit - Puppy eyed by SmilingOfTheHealerLunna-lee - puppy eyes by SmilingOfTheHealerDominic Nuvval - puppy eyed by SmilingOfTheHealerLanceister - puppy eyed by SmilingOfTheHealerAtnezau  - puppy eyed by SmilingOfTheHealer

100 :points:

TYPE 4: Heart smiled couple icons  

Normal examples:
Svarik and Liron - heart smiled by SmilingOfTheHealerLuciana and Lykaios - heart smiled by SmilingOfTheHealerIan and Ilona - heart smiled by SmilingOfTheHealerHoshino and Asachi - heart smiled by SmilingOfTheHealerSeren and Azeroth  - heart smiled by SmilingOfTheHealerSteven and Blueberry  - heart smiled by SmilingOfTheHealerWolfie and Durgaaz - heart smiled by SmilingOfTheHealerDaine and Chocobe  - heart smiled by SmilingOfTheHealerSpirit and Gordon   - heart smiled by SmilingOfTheHealerPeach and honey  - heart smiled by SmilingOfTheHealerDaiki and Nanase - heart smiled by SmilingOfTheHealerGinko and Souken - heart smiled by SmilingOfTheHealer

100 :points: for both

Custom animated examples:
Yoshi and Kheman - heart smiled by SmilingOfTheHealerSerina and Terra  - heart smiled by SmilingOfTheHealerYae and Wiper - heart smiled by SmilingOfTheHealerMickey and Joas - heart smiled by SmilingOfTheHealerHoshi and DaiRyuu  - heart smiled by SmilingOfTheHealerSotoku and Kanji  - heart smiled by SmilingOfTheHealerLahar and Venta - heart smiled by SmilingOfTheHealerJack Frost and Merida - heart smiled by SmilingOfTheHealer
180 :points: for both

With additional icon in the middle, they can be used as journal swags.

TYPE 3: Lantern holders icon family

Finwe- Lantern holder by SmilingOfTheHealerHiiragi - Lantern holder by SmilingOfTheHealerYpsen - Lantern holder by SmilingOfTheHealerLegolas - Lantern holder by SmilingOfTheHealerAnais - Lantern holder by SmilingOfTheHealer

250 :points:

TYPE 2: Hair blowing icon family

Finwe - Hair Blowing by SmilingOfTheHealerFaun -  Hair Blowing by SmilingOfTheHealerJirachi - hair blowing by SmilingOfTheHealerRain -  Hair Blowing by SmilingOfTheHealerOrlina- Hair Blowing by SmilingOfTheHealerDeath - hair blowing by SmilingOfTheHealerLaetitia - Hair Blowing by SmilingOfTheHealerRan - hair blowing by SmilingOfTheHealer

350 :points:

TYPE 1: Pure hearted icon family

Legolas- pure hearted by SmilingOfTheHealerFinwe - pure hearted by SmilingOfTheHealerChet - pure hearted by SmilingOfTheHealerChicken Eloise - pure hearted by SmilingOfTheHealer

50 :points:

Additional info

If this starts well, I will be making other types of commissions, till then, take a look at other icons I made and prizes for their icon type. As well, if you would like some custom icon, note me and we can work something out. ;)


1. Wind blowing icon for rei-nichijou Status: DONE
2. Heart smiled icon couple for yae-chan91 Status: DONE
3. 2 icons for Eeren DONE
4. Everlasting student for ladybrookecelebwen ON HOLD
5. Carved in stone and heart smiled couple icons for miss-sweetlivvy  DONE
6. 4 everlasting student icons for mistress-daine  DONE
7. Bricked love couple for Phoelion DONE
8. Heavenly close and bricked love icon couple for MintyPepper DONE
9. Heart smiled icon couple for Linked-memories   DONE
10. Heart smiled icon couple for  Art-By-Cait ~DONE


At the end, I would like to thank all the great lovely  people that commissioned me so far, once or multiple times! Thank you all so much!  :iconsmilingofthehealer:

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... Can you save me a slot for the next time you open? xD
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